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Part 91 Management


Professional Jet, Inc., works with each client individually to maximize safety, efficiency, and asset value.  Our aircraft management program provides aircraft owners with a 20-year track record of safety, reliability, convenience, and lower costs of operation for one affordable monthly management fee.

Aviation Consulting


Professional Jet, Inc., has been in the aviation business for more than 40 years.  We advise owners on maintenance, crewing, FAA, fuel contracts, storage, cleaning, insurance, and refurbishment.  PJI is here for you every step of the way to make your airplane acquisition a positive and rewarding journey.

International Experience


New international mandates make operating overseas much more complex than even a few years ago. Professional Jet Inc.’s crews have the experience and formal training to operate internationally safely. Work with a team who is dedicated to making your aircraft ownership as good at it can be. Professional Jet, Inc., provides the client with one comprehensive monthly statement that includes all costs incurred on the clients’ behalf. Documentation is kept so the backups are always available for review.

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Boutique Private and Corporate Jet Management

Work with a team that is dedicated to making your aircraft ownership as good at it can be.

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Our team is committed to the highest level of safety and service. We offer 24/7 phone support by a Professional Jet scheduler or manager.

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We see to the details from insurance rebates savings to fuel contract discounts that reduce the cost of owning and operating your aircraft.